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Mi Casa Multimedia puts CONEQ in the house

29/01/2008, Corporate news

Hollywood, CA - Renown for meticulous sound quality on world class projects including Lord of The Rings, Golden Compass, Pan’s Labyrinth and numerous other “A- list” feature presentations, Mi Casa Studios recently purchased a full surround-sound CONEQ correction system for “Studio C.”

“Studio C is one of three mixing and editing environments in the Mi Casa facility,” stated Brant Biles, Mi Casa co-owner and principal engineer. “CONEQ makes this room sound better than ever before. It tightens up the bass and adds a new level of clarity to the midrange,” he observes, “improving both the clarity and realism of instruments and voices. CONEQ has made a dramatic difference.”

CONEQ is the world’s leading measurement and correction system based on Acoustic Power. An Acoustic Power measurement differs from an SPL measurement in that Acoustic Power represents energy over time, like wattage, while SPL represents only the pressure at a single point in space, like voltage. CONEQ acquires the Acoustic Power Frequency Response of a loudspeaker system by taking several hundred measurements points around the loudspeaker in a time span of about two minutes. The CONEQ computational engine then generates a 4096 point corrective response curve that’s uploaded to a CONEQ Acoustic Power Equaliser. The result is a truly flat response.

“We’re excited about our ability to book Studio C for a wider range of uses, now that CONEQ has been installed,” continues Brant. “CONEQ has really opened up the possibilities for this room. The accuracy of the mid and high frequency correction has improved localization with a more satisfying center, AND a greater sense of spatiality,” he enthusiastically says.

Damon Gold, Real Sound Lab’s Product Specialist states, “Measuring the Acoustic Power Frequency Response of a monitor system provides us with a substantial informative advantage over that of an SPL measurement – it supplies us with information about the directivity characteristics of the loudspeaker. By basing CONEQ’s 4096 point equalization curve on Acoustic Power rather than SPL, the correction is amazingly accurate throughout the loudspeaker’s coverage pattern,” he finishes.

“The demand for surround sound is continually increasing in today’s entertainment industry,” observes Brant. “At Mi Casa, our rooms are equipped for 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1, which is a core element of our business. The five channels of CONEQ correction that we installed in Studio C have really transformed the room. It’s a pleasure to listen to the impeccable sound quality that CONEQ provides,” he concludes.

CONEQ is intended for use in live sound reinforcement applications, recording and post production studios, theatrical environments, AV presentations, and fixed installations of all types ranging from sports facilities and music clubs, to board rooms and houses of worship. For more information about CONEQ contact Real Sound

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