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Introduction of new products at this year’s ProLight+Sound trade fair


Riga, Latvia – Real Sound Lab, together with its European sales partner AS Audio GmbH, is looking forward to busy time during this year’s biggest exhibition event in pro audio industry - ProLight+Sound 2009 messe in Frankfurt from April 1 until April 4.

„This year we have really many things to show to the audio industry”, says Viesturs Sosars, Chairman and CEO of Real Sound Lab – „in addition to our hardware series of APEQ-2pro acoustic power equalisers, the digital version of which also will have its true European premiere in Frankfurt, we will try to focus visitors’ attention to the line extension of equaliser software with our new VST plug-ins both for PC and MAC users, as well as RTAS plug-in for those operating in ProTools environment workstations. In addition to these products we will also provide anyone with a friendly technology demonstration package as well as offer turnkey CONEQ measurement kits for easing of speaker measurements for broad range of industrial applications.”

„We expect this year’s Frankfurt show to become a real turning point for wider adoption of CONEQ technology”, states Alex Schloesser, owner and CEO of AS Audio. Further he comments the following: „We at AS Audio have been actively engaged in promoting the technology for about a year, and it is very rewarding to observe CONEQ getting more and more recognised as the reliable loudspeaker equalisation tool in variety of audio markets and applications. Now, with the product range widened and improved in terms of customer friendliness, we are sure that the concept of CONEQ will get more and more supporters within the professional audio industry.”

During this year’s ProLight+Sound trade fair Real Sound Lab and AS Audio will be found in Hall 8.0, exhibition booth E21, where team members of both companies will be ready giving technology demonstrations and answering questions on all four days of the show.


11/12/2015 13:58 WizTcha
July 3, 2010 at 7:32 pm</a>Just bought and rode with this hmelet for the first time today. In short, it is as good as the review says. Didn’t really do any research ahead of time so I kind of stumbled on it. I’ve always taken the approach that a hmelet is a hmelet and just gone out and bought a $50-60 one. Others that I’ve owned have had a bunch of moving plastic parts, been OK but not terribly comfortable, and sloshed around on my noggin when out of the saddle. The hmelet I was replacing was a Giro Transition. I finally figured I’m putting on enough miles I’d get something maybe a little more comfortable and lighter. When you put this hmelet on, its feels like you have a baseball cap on, but more airy. It doesn’t move around when you are out of the saddle. And man, it is so light you really just have to try it on to believe it. It was a hot day, and the vents kept me way more comfortable than my old hmelet. Sure, its expensive. But I asked real nice for a “deal” (Its my local shop where I drop a lot of dough throughout the year) and they gave me a 20% discount. That sealed the deal. Try one if you get the chance. Now I have to go watch the end of the prologue. Happy riding. Nathan
11/12/2015 21:28 Bryan
Interesting comparison, but I would agree with the<a href=""> prievous</a> comment. Drop offs and dirty lights can be your friend. It's not about getting the perfect gear for the most money, it's all about storytelling and many great cinematographers did amazing work with low budget lights as well. Imagination is more important than technicality, and the lowell pro is a pretty nice light anyway.
13/12/2015 14:31 Joana
This is a great basic look at the why' behind piicrng of units. Which one do you want? It really depends upon the level of control for a specific project that you're looking for.(A buddy of mine is slowly teaching me not to be such a control freak, and that sometimes, drop off and dirty' light can be your friend.) [url=]hzaejpkftgy[/url] [link=]irocuqbsncl[/link]
15/12/2015 16:42 Ong
Not everyone can be so lucky. Between my <a href="">emeoylprs</a> being unwilling to fund a trip to a trade show and the usual lack of personal time/money due to working I have never had the opportunity. This is true for most of my friends in the biz as well, as we would all love to have a chance to visit one its just simply not in the cards for most people. The only people I have known personally to go are those that are self employed with the right planning and those high enough up in their company that they can take themselves as a treat and mini vacation and not bring any new materials or information back from the events to their employees. I apologize for the negative tone, its just that I am pretty sure the number of people wanting to go to ANY of these events greatly outnumbers those that actually can and do go. I would be highly in favor of programs or contests from any of these organizations that would allow those of us with fewer options a "free ride" to one of these shows.

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