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REAL SOUND LAB has appointed Alex Schloesser as Director of the Pro Audio Department

Riga, Latvia - Alex Schloesser who has worked at REAL SOUND LAB as Director of Sales and Marketing, was promoted to Director of Pro Audio as of September 1, 2009. Both parties have been negotiating and working towards a path of strengthening the role of the pro audio department. This move will allow Mr. Schloesser to bring all his experience and know-how of the industry to the table also in REAL SOUND LAB. He has been working in the pro audio industry for 23 years already and has made a reputation as a sound engineer and sound designer. In the past, his desire to work internationally has brought him in with Apogee Sound and Adamson Systems Engineering.

The scope of Alex Schloesser´s responsibilities at REAL SOUND LAB will include the development of new products and markets for the CONEQ™ technology as well as helping the R&D team with input and response from the clients in the pro audio market. After the first month of cooperation, Mr. Schloesser comments as follows:

“After a rather busy September we have already made a major progress on many fronts. First of all, we have established a major agreement for the distribution of our products in the Far East with our new partner C.Y. COMMUNICATIONS Ltd. from Hong Kong. Then we have worked on the R&D plan for our new software and hardware releases and have successfully reached the first results of this planning. For the next year`s world wide ProLight+Sound trade show in Frankfurt we will have amazing and fascinating new products on display and available for sale. The CONEQ™ measurement software will undergo substantial changes and will be heavily improved and made easier to use. Additionally, we are also working on an OEM hardware product for use with external amplification, which will be introduced next year in Frankfurt as well. So, definitely there will be no boredom seen in my schedule or in any of my colleagues` at REAL SOUND LAB.”

For further information please contact Alex Schloesser at REAL SOUND LAB:

e.: or t.: +49 172 290 5233

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