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Winners of the CONEQ software give-away contest at Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound 2011!


Real Sound Lab would like to thank all who visited us during Frankfurt`s Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound 2011 trade fair.

At the last hour of the show we have selected the lucky winners of our CONEQ software give-away contest as follows:

The Grand Prize - CONEQ Workshop Unlimited 3.1 & CONEQ P8pro Plug-in worth EUR 2750 - travels to Niels Neven from Belgium!

The following participants of the draw did win EUR 150 worth CONEQ Starter + CONEQ P2 Plug-in bundles:

  • Alexander Maslov, USA
  • Alvaro Lorente, Spain
  • Ruud-Jan Hammink, Netherlands
  • Lydmil Zlatkov, Bulgaria
  • William Cardenas, Spain

We will contact the winners to clear the delivery address for the prizes.

Real Sound Lab team wishes to the lucky winners an exiting experience by using our latest software in their musical environment.

Contact information:

Viesturs Balodis, Real Sound Lab Sales Manager

t.: +371 29839708, e.:


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