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Real Sound Lab appoints Sascom Marketing Group to manage distribution in Canada!

28/04/2011, Corporate news

Real Sound Lab`s unique loudspeaker measurement and correction technology CONEQ will be represented in Canada by Sascom Marketing Group.

Sascom Marketing Group was established in 1991 and since then has specialized in the representation of European based pro audio manufacturers in North America. Over the years, Sascom has been responsible for the establishment of several pro audio brands in the US, including TL Audio, Sound Performance Labs (SPL), PMC Monitors, Stage-Tec, Quested Monitors and Cube-Tec International.

"We at Sascom have always had a passion for innovative, high quality products that offer audio professionals the opportunity to develop and advance the "art of sound", and CONEQ does just that. The folks at RSL have developed an amazing product, and we look forward to working closely with them to establish, develop and manage a professional RSL distribution channel in Canada." Said Curt Smith, President of Sascom Marketing Group.

Viesturs Sosars, CEO of Real Sound Lab: "We're pleased to commence this business relationship with Sascom Marketing Group. With their outstanding track record of representing foreign manufacturers in the North American market, combined with a good understanding of CONEQ technology and a passion for pioneering new approaches in the pro audio industry, we're confident we have found the right sales and marketing partner for entering the Canadian market."


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