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Real Sound Lab will be present at InfoComm 2011!


Get ready to meet Real Sound Lab team at the world`s leading professional AV communications industry show, the InfoComm 2011!

Along with demonstrations of our newest innovative CONEQ™ loudspeaker measurement and equalization technology products such as CONEQ™ Workshop 3.1 and eight channel hardware equalizer APEQ-8pro DIO, we will present brand new possibility to export CONEQ™ equalization results to non-Real Sound Lab processing devices. This possibility will significantly spread the usage and awareness of the CONEQ™ technology throughout professional AV marketplace.

To learn more visit us from June 15 till 17 at booth 148, Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Stay tuned and see you at the show!


10/08/2015 20:19 Bebo
Dear Juan,Thanks for the list. I would like to generalize and enxetd the list as follows.1. Media Compression/Decompression (includes audio, speech, image and video)2. Audio enhancement (includes noise suppression, echo cancellation and equalization)3. Audio/Image/Video effects (Audio: time stretching/pitch shifting, panning; Image: resizing, color conversions; Video: Multimedia video)4. Video Analytics (Motion/Object detection/Recognition)5. Audio/Video Forensics.6. Security (Fingerprint/Face/Iris/Voice recognition)7. Data Modulation / Demodulation (Modem)8. Target tracking (GPS, Radars)9. Medical imaging/videos10. Data analysis and forcasting

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