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David Ruttenberg mixes with CONEQ!


Multiple Grammy nominated producer/engineer/musician David Ruttenberg recently completed the installation of a Real Sound Lab's CONEQ™ system in his Boca Raton Florida studio. Working with an "A-List" client base that includes the likes of Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson and Lindsey Buckingham, demands monitoring accuracy that leaves nothing to chance. To accomplish this, David selected the CONEQ™ APEQ-2pro 2-channel equalizer from Real Sound Lab. CONEQ™ by Real Sound Lab is a unique and patented technology for the measurement and equalization of the Acoustic Power Frequency Response (APFR) of loudspeakers. A loudspeaker treated by CONEQ™ equalization will produce a much more linear and accurate representation of the original sound source.

"Most producers and engineers would agree that the consistency and trust in their monitoring environment is paramount when obtaining their best mixes. Regardless of the genre, artist or project, we all struggle with rooms, loudspeakers, surfaces and acoustic anomalies that cloud our perception of what is actually "real." From the moment I started using CONEQ hardware and software, my trust and comfort level around the authenticity of how my projects translated to the listener improved dramatically." - as said by David Ruttenberg.