Why You Need a 24 Hour Answering Service

There are several different types of answering services that you can use in your business, some will only provide service during business hours and others are available to you around the clock.  A 24 hour service may seem like overkill but let’s look at why you need a 24 hour answering service rather than just having someone answer your phone during business hours.

Client Need

It is hard to anticipate when or how you’re your clients will need your services, but a budding business cannot afford to ignore or alienate their clients.  On top of that nobody likes hearing a voice automated system that makes you press “1” or navigate a complicated IVR.  A 24-hour voice service addresses clients’ needs right away, there is no leaving messages necessary.  There are real people on the other end of the line ready to help your clients when they need it the most.  It makes your customers feel valued and they feel your business is reliable and ready to serve them no matter when.

Better Customer Service

Customer service and increasing customer satisfaction are two of the biggest areas that many businesses struggle with especially as they start growing.  Customers also have shorter attention spans while demanding better services from the companies that they choose to do business with.  If you’re business is unreachable, whether it is 2 a.m. or Tuesday afternoon then they will look elsewhere in many cases.  Customers are also hesitant to leave messages on voice mail.  If you run a service based business that helps emergency clients then you absolutely need to have someone answering your phone around the clock.

Improve Your Bottom Line

You’re in business to make money and having a better connection with your clients can help boost your bottom line.  Can you measure how much money you lose simply by being unavailable.  Having a round the clock answering service allows you to sell your products or services all day every day.  Retail businesses with a web presence along with a brick and mortar store can benefit from having someone available to answer questions about your products and help with purchases.

A 24 hour answering service has huge benefits.  You get a jump on your competition by being available whenever your clients need you.  You can offer better service and build better relationships with your clients.  Clients are loyal to businesses that they feel put in the effort to make them feel wanted and appreciated.  A good answering service does so much more than voice mail does.